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NSRA National Meeting - 2001


Apologies to Matthew Thomson, who I reported as having taken 3rd place in the Class C Aggregate - Matthew in fact won Class C.

Centenary Invitation International

Scotland was 2nd in the Centenary International Match on the Malcolm Cooper range, just three points behind England. Full scores:

 England  2339
 Scotland  2336
   Bill Brown  588
 Jim Cole-Hamilton  584
 Jonathan Hammond  583
 Donald McIntosh  581
 South Africa  2319
 Wales  2298
 Northern Ireland  2277
 Kenya  2252
 New Zealand (three shooters only)  1753

County Champions Competition

Donald McIntosh, representing Stirlingshire & Clackmannanshire, was the highest placed Scottish representative in the Centenary County Champions match at Bisley, with a score of 590 earning him 5th place. Other county representatives were Jim Cole-Hamilton (Aberdeenshire), Colin Blake (Orkney), Cyril De Jonckheere (Southern Counties), Hugh Simpson (Caithness), Bill Hamilton (Lothian) & Joe McCarthy (Lanarkshire). The representative from Fife, Bruce Crookston, was unable to attend, and no nominations were made from Ayrshire and Dundee & Angus.

Earl Roberts British Prone Championship

Two Scots, Sinclair Bruce and Neil Stirton, along with Cliff Ogle, qualified for the final of the British Prone Championship. Sinclair fared best, an excellent performance at 100yds giving him 3rd equal (tie splits currently a little unclear). Neil managed 10th place, with Cliff somewhere near the tail...

Centennial International

There will be an Centenary invitation international prone match on the Malcolm Cooper range on Sunday, for teams of four. Scotland will be represented by Jim Cole-Hamilton, Bill Brown, Jonathan Hammond & Donald McIntosh.

Home Countries International Matches

The main Scotland team won the Home Countries International Match by a margin of 20 points from England, completing a hat trick of victories in the NSRA Centenary year, having already won the Air Rifle and 3x40 matches. The Scottish Ladies team were less fortunate, losing to England by a margin of 9 points. Saving the best for last, the Scottish Junior team defeated the English by a huge margin of 16 points, breaking the British record score for the competition.

Main Team Match

 50m  100yds   Total
 Graham Rudd  195  195  390
 Simon Clark  193  196  389
 Sheena Sharp  192  196  388
 Donald McIntosh  194  194  388
 Jim Cole-Hamilton  195  193  388
 Neil Stirton  197  191  388
 Bill Hamilton  196  191  387
 Bill Brown  193  193  386
 Sinclair Bruce  198  187  385
 Hugh Simpson  195pp  188  383

Team Total


England Team Total


Wales Team Total


Northern Ireland Team Total


Jersey Team Total

Ladies Team Match

 50m  100yds   Total
 Sheena Sharp  192  196  388
 Carol McKenna  196  192  388
 Mary Melvin  190  192  382
 Janis Thomson  192  188  380
 Heather Rudd  192  184  376

Team Total


England Team Total


Wales Team Total

Junior Team Match

 50m  100yds   Total
 Graham Rudd  195  195  390
 Neil Stirton  197  191  388
 Matthew Thomson  191  194  385

Team Total


England Team Total


It has been pointed out that the Scottish team score is 20 points better than the USA shot in the Roberts match two hours earlier...

Club Team Competitions

The Alloa & District team of Sinclair Bruce, Donald McIntosh & Bill Hamilton won the Grand Aggregate team event.

Donald McIntosh & Cliff Ogle teamed up to take second in the Unsquadded pairs event.

Combined Aggregate

Bill Murray won the combined aggregate of the 3x40 Championship and the Prone Aggregate, with Donald McIntosh one point behind.

Roberts Match

The British team lost the Roberts Match to the US. Four points behind after the 50m cards, the team rallied at 100yds, but was still 1 point in 4000 short.

Army Match Result

The Army Match produced a tie, with the honours going to Scotland on the better score at 100 yards. Full results:

 Scotland  50m  100yds  Total
 Graham Rudd  574  583  1157
 Matthew Thomson  579  570  1149
 Bill Hamilton  578  568  1147
 Colin Gall  559  559  1118
 Mike Melvin  557  538  1095
 Charles Allan  557  526  1083


 3404  3344  6748
 Regular Army  50m  100yds  Total
 C Dower  570  584  1154
 A Aitken  563  577  1140
 P Underhill  582  556  1138
 A Dixon  569  549  1118
 T Metcalf  558  543  1101
 Z Bruce  567  530  1097


 3409  3339  6748

Home Countries International Teams

The following teams have been selected to represent Scotland in the Home Countries International Prone matches which will be shot on Friday at 4pm.

Main Team - Sinclair Bruce, Graham Rudd, Neil Stirton, Simon Clark, Hugh Simpson, Donald McIntosh, Jim Cole-Hamilton, Bill Hamilton, Sheena Sharp, Bill Brown. Reserves - Graham Love, Carol McKenna. Captain - George Lawson; Secretary - Bill Vaughan.

Ladies Team - Sheena Sharp, Carol McKenna, Janis Thomson, Heather Rudd, Mary Melvin. Reserve - Ruth Love. Captain - Barbara Mackay; Secretary - Ruth Love.

Junior Team - Graham Rudd, Neil Stirton, Matthew Thomson. Reserve - Hugh A Simpson. Captain - Anne Hamilton.

Roberts Match Team

Three Scots - Neil Stirton, Donald McIntosh & Jim Cole-Hamilton, along with SSRA member Cliff Ogle have been named in the ten strong British team to face the USA on Friday. The match, which is held once every eight years at Bisley, consists of a single Dewar course, and will be shot at 1:30pm on Friday. Only those who qualified for the Dewar team in June were eligible for selection.

Grand Aggregate, Day 4 (Thursday)

Day four of the Grand Aggregate produced the worst wind conditions seen this week, with a resulting reduction in scores. In Class X Sinclair Bruce coped best, winning Competition 6 (60 shots at 100yds), with Neil Stirton 2nd. In Class A, Bill Murray took 3rd place.

In the Aggregate competitions Sinclair was the highest placed Scot, at 5th in Class X. Neil Stirton was 6th, Simon Clark 8th with Hugh Simpson & Cliff Ogle tied for 10th, all in Class X. In Class A Bill Murray was a runaway winner, with Bill Hamilton in 5th. Graham Rudd romped away with Class B, with Sheena Sharp 4th. Class C was won by Matthew Thomson, with Heather Rudd 3rd in Class D.

With the Aggregate over, attention turns tomorrow to the Lord Roberts British Prone Championship. The first round is held on Friday morning, over a Dewar course, with the second and third stages being held on Friday.

Unsquadded 3x20

Donald McIntosh moved into equal 2nd place in the unsquadded 3x20, with 576 on Thursday morning. Martin Sinclair remains three points clear with 579.

Grand Aggregate, Day 3 (Wednesday)

Day three of the Grand Aggregate, and yet more sunshine with a little less breeze. The temperature in the shade at the SSRA tent was noted at 34 centigrade in the middle of the day!

Today, Classes X, A & C shot Competition 5 (60 shots at 50m) while Classes B & D shot Competition 6 (60 shots at 100 yards). There were medals for Bill Murray, who won in Class A, and Graham Rudd - 3rd in B - and Heather Rudd, with 3rd equal in D.

With one day to go in the aggregate, Sinclair Bruce is the best placed Scot in X, at 5th, with Cliff Ogle at 6th and Jim Cole-Hamilton at 8th. Bill Murray continues to lead A, with Bill Hamilton in 6th place. Graham Rudd remains at the top of B, with Sheena Sharp still at 4th. In Class C Matthew Thomson is sitting in third place, and Heather Rudd is in 4th place in D Class.

Tomorrow the aggregates will be completed, and the British team for the Roberts Match will be named, as will the Scottish teams for the Home Countries Internationals.

Army Match

An impromptu match between Scotland and the Army has been arranged to take place concurrent with Competitions 5 & 6 of the Aggregate. The Scottish team consists of Bill Hamilton, Graham Rudd, Matthew Thomson, Mike Melvin, Charles Allan & Colin Gall.

Randle Match

Two Scots, Carol McKenna & Janis Thomson, have been selected for the British team in the annual Randle match vs the USA which will be shot at 6am on Friday morning. Sheena Sharp has been named as one of the reserves.

Grand Aggregate, Day 2

Day 2 of the Grand Aggregate saw the weather much the same - generally warm and sunny with a fresh breeze from the left. In Competition 3 (40 shots at 100 yards) Neil Stirton won X Class with a tremendous 394, while Graham Rudd won Class B, repeating the feat in Competition 4 (40 shots at 50m). Comp 4 in Class C also brought success for Matthew Thomson, with 1st place.

After the first four competitions, Sinclair Bruce and Jim Cole-Hamilton are tied for 5th place in X Class, with Cliff Ogle, Neil Stirton, Donald McIntosh & Simon Clark all in the top 20. Former Scotland International Bill Murray leads A Class, with Bill Hamilton 5th. Graham Rudd leads Class B, with Sheena Sharp in 4th place. Matthew Thomson is lying 3rd equal in Class C, with Heather Rudd 4th in Class D. The Aggregate continues tomorrow.

In the team competitions, Alloa & District missed the double, coming second in the British 50m team competition.

Grand Aggregate, Day 1

Day 1 of the Grand Aggregate produced a win in Competition 1 (40 shots at 50m) for Carol McKenna in A Class. In D Class Heather Rudd secured 2nd in Comp 1 and 3rd in Competition 2 (40 shots at 100 yards), with Keith Johnston 2nd in Comp 2 in D Class. In X Class Sinclair Bruce was 2nd in Comp 2, with Matthew Thomson 3rd in Class C.

The British 100yds team competition, concurrent with Comp 2, was won by Alloa & District, the team consisting of Sinclair Bruce, Donald McIntosh & Bill Hamilton. The competition for club teams with all members in Classes B, C & D was won by George Watson's College.

Centenary Competition

The final round of the NSRA Centenary competition was held at Bisley on the opening weekend of the championship, with victories for Jim Cole-Hamilton in Class A of the Prone, and Donald McIntosh in Class A of the 3-Positions event.

Weekend Aggregate & Double English Match

The Weekend Aggregate have now been confirmed, with Hugh Simpson taking second in Class X. In Class B Graham Rudd, Jim Mudie and Colin Gall took 1st, 2nd & 3rd respectively, while Donald McIntosh & Cliff Ogle won the weekend pairs. There were top three placings in the competitions that make up the Aggregate for Bill Brown in X Class, Jim Mudie, David Simpson, Sheena Sharp & Graham Rudd in B Class, Heather Rudd & Keith Johnston in D Class.

In the Double English Match, shot on the Malcolm Cooper range, Martin Sinclair raised the range record to 597, and also raised the Scottish Men's 3x20 record to 579 in the unsquadded 3x20 competition.

3x20 Women's Championship

Shirley McIntosh produced the best Scottish score in the Women's 3x20 match, taking 2nd place in A class, with 3rd place overall. Lynda Sinclair took 2nd place in B class. Scotland lost the Home Countries International Match to England by a margin of 34 points.

3x20 Match

 Shirley McIntosh  558
 Janis Thomson  547
 Lynda Sinclair  545

Team Total


England Team Total


3x40 Championship

The results for the British 3P Championship have now been confirmed, placing Martin Sinclair, Jonathan Hammond and Donald McIntosh 3rd, 4th &5th respectively behind Christian Bauer of Germany and Chris Hector of England. The Scottish team won the Home Countries International match, shot concurrently with the championship, and the E U Alumni team of Martin Sinclair, Donald McIntosh and Shirley McIntosh won the Club Team Championship.

3x40 Match

 Martin Sinclair  1131
 Jonathan Hammond  1130
 Donald McIntosh  1127

Team Total


England Team Total


 Wales Team Total


3x40 and 3x20 International Teams

The following teams are to represent Scotland in the Home Countries International 3P Matches at the National Meeting on 11th and 12th August.

 Donald McIntosh (Capt)
 Jonathan Hammond
 Martin Sinclair
 Janis Thomson (Reserve)
 Janis Thomson
 Shirley McIntosh
 Lynda Sinclair
 Susan Jackson (Captain & Reserve)

NSRA/Eley Inter Region Match

The following people will be representing the Scotland region at the NSRA/Eley Inter Region Match at Bisley on Friday 10th August:

Men's Prone - Jim Cole-Hamilton, Cliff Ogle & Jonathan Hammond
Men's 3x40 - Cliff Ogle & Jonathan Hammond

Women's Prone - Sheena Sharp, Mary Melvin & Shirley McIntosh
Women's 3x20 - Shirley McIntosh

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