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Site Journal - 2000

This page will keep you up to date with what has been changing on the SSRA's web site.

24th December 2000 - Added new items to News page and updated Calendar.

19th December 2000 - Added new item to News page.

10th December 2000 - Added result of Air Rifle Grand Prix 2 to Domestic Results page.

7th December 2000 - Added new item to Links page.

25th November 2000 - Corrected A and B squad membership lists.

19th November 2000 - Added result of Air Rifle Grand Prix 1 to Domestic Results page.

28th October 2000 - Added new item to Links and News pages.

10th October 2000 - Added preliminary 2001 Calendar. Caught up to date with some Domestic Results.

5th October 2000 - Added link to government reply to HAC report on firearms legislation to News page.

23rd September 2000 - Added more CSF(ED) shots to Picture Gallery.

21st September 2000 - Added last of GP series and first of CSF(ED) shots to Picture Gallery. Added new Links, and sorted each category alphabetically just to keep Jim Ward happy... Performed some archiving on the News page.

19th September 2000 - Added News of CSF(ED) Championships. Full results and photographs should be posted later this week. Added new Links.

13th September 2000 - Lots of additions to Picture Gallery.

11th September 2000 - Added results for final 3P and Prone Grand Prix to Domestic Results and News pages. Added news of GB squads to News page.

28th August 2000 - Added results from Grampian Open & GPs to Domestic Results and News pages.

20th August 2000 - Added pictures of European Junior Championships and Scottish Prone teams at Bisley to Picture Gallery. Added NSRA Scottish Rep's e-mail address to Links.

14th August 2000 - Changed Susan Bell to Susan Jackson (oops) on News page.

13th August 2000 - Added various things from Bisley, and CSF(ED) selections to News page.

7th August 2000 - Added ISSF Championship results to Domestic Results page.

4th August 2000 - Added News of the Australia Match and the European Junior Championships.

1st August 2000 - Additions, and file size reductions in Picture Gallery.

31st July 2000 - Added SSRA part of Caithness Open and C&D Grand Prix Series table to Domestic Results page. Updated list of office bearers and council members on Association page. Added the history of the Daily Record, Sir Harry Lauder, Earl Haig, Scottish Cup, Pullar Targe and ICI Challenge Cup to the Domestic Competitions pages. Added list of 'B' squad members to Squads page.

25th July 2000 - Added new Links.

13th July 2000 - Added Karstula results to International Results and 3P GP 3 results to Domestic Results, News & Scottish Records.

11th July 2000 - Added Nordics and Karstula summaries to News.

2nd July 2000 - Added some more NSRA Scottish Meeting results to News.

1st July 2000 - Added Earl Haig, Freuchie and other NSRA Scottish Meeting results to News, and pictures to Picture Gallery.

29th June 2000 - Added Class X result to News.

26th June 2000 - Added Earl Haig finalists to News.

24th June 2000 - SSRA Team for Karstula and PAA Match added to News. PAA Match results added to Domestic Results. New Zealand Match teams and Denwood GP pictures added to Picture Gallery.

12th June 2000 - NSRA selections for Nordics added to News. Picture from NSRA ISSF Meeting added to Picture Gallery.

11th June 2000 - NSRA ISSF Meeting summarised on News.

8th June 2000 - Added new item to Links page.

5th June 2000 - Corrected Angus prone GP result on Domestic Results page.

4th June 2000 - New News items. Added Angus Open, Prone & 3P Grand Prix 2 to Domestic Results page. Added new items to Links.

29th May 2000 - New News items.

12th May 2000 - Added some National League results and updated the British Universities story in News.

8th May 2000 - Added British Universities results and equal Junior record to News. Added 2000 Prone and 3P Grand Prix Series to Domestic Results pages. Added Perthshire Outdoor to the Calendar.

4th May 2000 - Added GB selections and Scottish Universities results to News. Corrected Scottish vs English Universities result from April. Updated and added some Links.

17th April 2000 - Added result of Short Range Inter-Region Match to News and Domestic Results pages.

15th April 2000 - Changed BFRC 50m dates on Calendar. Added link to HAC report on News page.

13th April 2000 - Added North Island, New Zealand match teams to News.

12th April 2000 - Added more details of British Universities short range, and removed incorrect News of the World team result.

9th April 2000 - Updates to Speedway and addition of British Universities and News of the World in News. Added News of the World and Scottish Air Rifle Championships to Picture Gallery. Older items in the Picture Gallery are now split off into separate archives.

3rd April 2000 - Updates to Links and additions to News.

26th March 2000 - Added David Rattray's equal Scottish record to the News and Scottish Records pages.

24th March 2000 - Added new Links.

21st March 2000 - Added details of current Junior (under 21) Scottish Records. Added a new picture to the Picture Gallery, and also replaced a couple of the fuzzy images from the Daily Record final.

20th March 2000 - Summary of Scottish Air Rifle Championships added to News and Domestic Results. Updated the News page so older items archived. Added February & March Air Rifle GPs results to Domestic Results.

16th March 2000 - Added new Links.

14th March 2000 - Added new Links. Improved Picture Gallery so that thumbnail pictures should load much faster. Also modified most of the big pictures so they should load faster as well.

13th March 2000 - Added new Links. Added details of the Daily Record and Scottish Cup finals to the News, Domestic Results and Picture Gallery. Added new events to Calendar, and corrected date of Caithness Open & Prone GP.

4th March 2000 - Alloa & District receiving the Scottish League shield added to Picture Gallery. News of Scottish Universities and Lothian "World Cup" competitions added to News. Added new Links. Changed date & venue for March Air Rifle Grand Prix, and added details of British Free Rifle Club 50m and 300m events to the Calendar.

28th February 2000 - Added new Links and information within Domestic Competitions on some SSRA competition histories and on the NSRA competitions that relate specifically to Scottish shooters, clubs and counties.

26th February 2000 - Added new Links.

15th February 2000 - Added CSF(ED) date to Calendar.

14th February 2000 - British Air Rifle Championships added to News and Picture Gallery. New items added to Calendar. More Oceanic Championships pictures added to Picture Gallery.

10th February 2000 - Website Launched.

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