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International Competition Results

Home Countries

Commonwealth Others

NSRA Scottish Meeting 2011

NSRA National Meeting 2010

NSRA Scottish Meeting 2010

NSRA Airgun Championships 2010

NSRA National Meeting 2009

NSRA Scottish Meeting 2009

NSRA Airgun Championships 2009

NSRA National Meeting 2008

NSRA Scottish Meeting 2008

NSRA Airgun Championships 2008

NSRA National Meeting 2007

NSRA Scottish Meeting 2007

NSRA Airgun Championships 2007

NSRA National Meeting 2006

NSRA Scottish Meeting 2006

NSRA Airgun Championships 2006

NSRA National Meeting 2005

NSRA Scottish Meeting 2005

NSRA Airgun Championships 2005

NSRA National Meeting 2004

NSRA Scottish Meeting 2004

NSRA Airgun Championships 2004

NSRA National Meeting 2003

NSRA Scottish Meeting 2003

NSRA Airgun Championships 2003



Commonwealth Shooting Federation Championships 2012

Commonwealth Shooting Federation Championships 2011

Commonwealth Shooting Federation Championships 2010

Commonwealth Shooting Federation (European Division) Championships 2009


Commonwealth Shooting Federation (European Division) Championships 2008


Commonwealth Shooting Federation (European Division) Championships 2007

Commonwealth Shooting Federation (European Division) Championships 2006

Commonwealth Games 2006

Commonwealth Shooting Federation (European Division) Championships 2005

Commonwealth Championships 2005

Commonwealth Shooting Federation (European Division) Championships 2004

Commonwealth Games 2002

Commonwealth Championships 2001

Commonwealth Shooting Federation (European Division) Championships 2000


North Island, New Zealand all years NEW

North Island, New Zealand 2011

North Island, New Zealand 2010

North Island, New Zealand 2009

North Island, New Zealand 2008

ISAS 2008

Intershoot 2008

North Island, New Zealand 2007

Scotland vs Army 2007

Grand Prix of Liberation 2007

ISC Hannover 2007

North Island, New Zealand 2006

Scotland vs Army 2006

Grand Prix of Liberation 2006

North Island, New Zealand 2005

Scotland vs Army 2005

Master's of France, Bully-les-Mines, 2005

Grand Prix of Liberation 2005

RIAC 2005

Scotland vs Army 2004

Grand Prix of Liberation 2004

North Island, New Zealand 2004

Scotland vs Army & Police 2003

North Island, New Zealand 2003

International Shooting Week, Karstula, 2002

North Island, New Zealand 2002


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