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The Scottish Smallbore Rifle Association decided to institute a Hall of Fame in July 2007 to recognize the special contributions made by individuals to Scottish International shooting. This recognition is based on the number of caps won for any discipline regardless of gender, but modified by the level of match at which each cap was won (which extends from minor international matches through National Meetings through to the Commonwealth Games - the highest representational honour possible for a shooter representing Scotland),  plus credit for any medals won at a CG or Commonwealth Shooting Federation Championships.  A formula was devised to combine all these factors and reduce them to an ordered index, resulting in the alphabetic list given below of those who have achieved the necessary number of points.  Four of them are currently active in international shooting.

Click on each name to see another page giving some detailed information for that individual.

Surname First Name First Cap Last Cap Number of Caps
Allan Alister ("Jock") 1967 1994 43
Bell/Jackson Susan 1993 2010 52
De Jonckheere Cyril 1966 2011 73
Law Robin 1980 2010 105
Littlechild Patricia 1989 2001 39
McIntosh Donald 1989 2006 59
Sharp Sheena 1998 2011 100
Smith/McIntosh Shirley 1986 2008 44
Stratton/Mackenzie Ella 1947 1970 46
Walker Tom 1934 1966 23

Most of these shooters are from the modern era.  An attempt was made to adjust the formula to take into account those Scottish shooters who never had a chance to attend a Commonwealth Games or a CSF Championships (worldwide or European) as shooting was only introduced to the former, and the latter only started up, relatively recently in historical terms. This means that those whose heyday was before that time only had two opportunities per year to gain a cap, at the National Meetings at Bisley and in Scotland.  This adjustment resulted in only one from yester year coming into the list (Ella Mackenzie), and it was thought that any further tinkering would be too artificial.  However, eagle eyes will have spotted the name of another 'oldie', namely Tom Walker.  He failed to come through the formula but has been 'seeded' as any list such as this would be incomplete without him.  If you don't know who he was, see his bio.

For complete lists (summary and breakdown) of everyone who has represented Scotland, take this link. (It's a big file, so be patient.)

For a list of those 'bubbling under' who did not make this initial list, and whom those in charge of a future induction or seeding process might consider, please click here.

If you have any comments, suggestions or corrections, please contact the webmaster, who will pass them on to the author.

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